Tuesday, January 11th, 2011...12:17 am

My first Aikido post

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ironic that I’m journaling for the first time about my aikido experience just weeks away from my first year anniversary of joining the Dojo. It’s been a rich learning filled year. Deep belly breathing has been my main focus of late. Numerous times every hour of the day, I notice myself holding my breath away from core. I am in awe by the strain and energy it takes to maintain the contraction that I have habitually participated in for who knows how many years. I no longer feel the tendency to self criticize though. this just is and daily, breathing from my belly, letting go, and sinking is becoming more available for me. I’m catching myself initiating breaths from there not as an act of my brain directing the action, but from a true core initiation. i think Sensei has coined the term innervation to describe this.

I should also celebrate the moment about three weeks ago that I had in which I realized that my previous attempts at innervating from my core were still being initiated from my head. Again, awe, this really brought to light the enormity of what is before me. A lifetime of worthwhile practice that promises endless learning opportunity. I love the spirit and capacity for both being a beginner and pursuing mastery that people bring to the Dojo. maybe this is a form of Ying and Yang

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